2020 Annual Appeal

We have 20/20 hindsight and look back on 2019, a most successful year!

  • The renovations and improvements to Malcolm Hall are complete. What a facelift!
  • Our facility usage reached a highpoint unmatched for years. A lot of people stayed at the Field Station in 2019.
  • Donations from people like you who care about what we do also reached an all-time high, allowing us to catch up and fix up many of our deferred maintenance goals.
  • The Greasewood building got a facelift! Come see it! Be prepared to enjoy this mosquito free space!
  • Yet one more dorm, F, is up and ready for group use. We are going to need it because Outdoor School programs are making enquiries about MFS—an opportunity to serve our educational mission and encourage the next generation of birders!

                 We also have 20/20 vision as we look ahead to 2020.

  • We are looking forward to September 2020’s Member Meeting with some major surprises for you! Mark your calendar for September 18-20-2020. Make your reservations early!
  • The Dining Hall is getting a significant facelift and upgrade. WooHoo and Yum!
  • Our big challenge has always been our infrastructure. In 2020 we are making improvements to the basic systems that keep us in operation; things hidden from view, but groaned at by all when they fail. More work on infrastructure is scheduled!
  • We are expanding our programs and workshops. New opportunities to explore.

So, we look back and see the good things that happened last year, thanks to your generous support. And we look ahead and are excited about what we will be able to do this new year with your continued support.

One final note: After many years of faithful service, Vern Beeson resigned from the Great Basin Society Board as our President. He and his wife, Anne, gave of their time generously over the years. He will still be around, he tells us, but no longer as a board member. Thank you Vern and Anne!!

   We invite you to be a part of the 2020 Vision for Malheur Field Station
                                   Your gift makes a difference!

Great Basin Society Board: Jim Monroe, President; Scott Bowler, Vice President; Laney Bardeen,Treasurer;    Janet Lamberson, Secretary; Rose Garacci, Manager, MFS

      MFS 34848 Sodhouse Lane*Princeton OR*97721*541-493-2629*malheurfieldstation@gmail.com