Casual Birding and Gentle Yoga – June 11-15, 2023


Join us for a 4-night program exploring the mindfulness and connection of bird watching and yoga at the field station, led by Shannon Rio.

Program, meals and lodging included in price of $750 per person. 
To register, call the office: 541-493-2629

    • DATES: June 11 – June 15
    • MEALS: Breakfast served at 8 am, sack lunch provided: lunch table is laid out during breakfast where you pack your own lunch to take in the field, dinner served at 6 pm.


This workshop is for the person who wants to learn birdwatching and to deepen birdwatching skills. 

Both yoga and birding share the practice of mindfulness.  They invite the process of becoming still and using the senses to notice what is around us.  It is from this place, that curiosity and awareness brings us to watching and listening to the birds (and other sounds in nature).  I like to ask myself:  what is that bird saying? Or what is that bird doing?  Before long I find myself connected to the landscape, the birds and mammals and all that nature offers to me.  THAT is birding.

Doing gentle yoga is connecting with the breath to do simple movements.  In this practice there is a moving meditation portion of the class that uses music to enhance flowing easy-to-do postures.

The schedule will allow for a morning yoga class (optional), outings to explore the Malheur Refuge and evening presentations to both learn about birds and generally have fun.



Shannon Rio is Board President of the Klamath Bird Observatory because of its work to preserve birds and wild places in nature. She is a wildlife educator with a goal to connect people (and herself) with nature so that they will want to protect what they love. She teaches classes in various settings and also teaches yoga, works as a nurse practitioner, is devoted to family and friends and community and loves learning anything about the natural world through hiking and birding and sitting quietly observing the wonder of it all.

Program Schedule


      • 12-4 pm: Arrival

      • 4-5 pm: Introductions and gentle yoga

      • 6 pm:  Dinner

      • 7-8:30 pm:  Evening presentation, gathering


        • 7-7:30 am: Gentle yoga

        • 8 am: Breakfast

        • 9 am – 5:30 pm: Daily outing:  Visit Buena Vista overlook, to Diamond, to the Round Barn (where there is a store) and Diamond Craters.  Picnic mid-afternoon.

        • 6 pm: Dinner

        • 7-8:15 pm: Evening presentation: BEAUTIFUL BIRDS, BEAUTIFUL WORDS, celebrating poetry and birding.  Reviewing the bird list for the day, gathering


          • 7-7:30 am: Gentle yoga

          • 8 am: Breakfast

          • 9 am – 5 pm: Daily outing: Visit to Malheur Refuge Headquarters, visit Princeton Rim, drive to Crane Hot Springs for optional soak and to visit the birding ponds and have lunch.  Back on Ruh Red Road and to visit the Narrows.

          • 6 pm: Dinner, reviewing bird list for the day, gathering


            • 7-7:30 am: Gentle yoga

            • 8 am: Breakfast

            • 9 am – 5 pm: Daily outing: Central Patrol Road from Krumbo road to P Ranch.  Picnic at Page Springs.  Visit burg of Frenchglen including the store. 

            • 6 pm: Dinner, reviewing bird list for the day, gathering

          JUNE 15 THURSDAY

              • 7-7:30 am: Gentle yoga

              • 8 am: Breakfast, depart

            ** Daily plans subject to change depending upon weather, mosquitos, whims of the group and location of where the birds are.

            Mosquito Population
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            Malheur Field Station