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Learn about the incredible natural environment of the Northern Great Basin through interactive classes at Malheur Field Station, lead by devoted local experts.

*Note: Itineraries for programs may change due to weather.

Classes & Events Coming Soon

To address the MFS Mission of “facilitating environmental education in the Northern Great Basin”, MFS offers educational programs as well as partnering with others to support programs they bring to MFS. We continue to look for opportunities to enrich the experience of visitors to the High Desert. Please join us as a participant or a provider.


Throughout the years many organizations have and continue to use our facilities. They sponsor their own programs and we provide logistics. We refer to them as Guest Groups.

  • Great Basin Butterfly 2020
    July 10-13, 2020 From Steens Mountain to the Alvord Desert, from alpine to meadow to sagebrush steppe, butterflies and moths abound in this hotspot for Northern Great Basin species.
  • Alpine Pollinator Ecology 2020
    August 14 - 16,2020 The unique mingling of desert and alpine plant communities makes Steens Mountain a hotspot for insect diversity.
  • Great Basin Flora
    July 19 - 21, 2019 - Cheryl Beyer, M.S. and Janel Johnson, M.S will lead this field course to investigate the endemics, Sierra relics and Great Basin native plants found at Steens and Hart Mountains' floristic “junctions.”
  • Butterflies of the High Desert
    July 12 – 14, 2019 – Dana Ross, M.S. offers a butterfly class at the Malheur Field Station sponsored by the Siskiyou Field Institute.
  • Reynolds High School 2019
    Tadd Reaney a Reynolds HS science teacher, has spearheaded this four day event for Freshman each year. This year Tadd brought 69 students!


Volunteering at MFS has been a long and valuable tradition. There are so many ways to be part of the Malheur community, check out the volunteer activities below and let us know if you’re like to join us!

  • Bird Boxes
  • Bat Boxes
  • Guest Speakers
  • Expert Guides & Educators
  • Repairs to the facility

Want to get involved or have another project in mind? Contact us today!


We’re making lots of changes and upgrades to the Field Station thanks to the support of donors and volunteers! 

The Malheur Field Station is alive and well and recovering from many years of deferred maintenance. It is a long road ahead, yet we are making progress one day at a time.

As funds are available we are upgrading, replacing, repurposing throughout the station. We have found many reasonable items at Habitat for Humanity. Our donors have generously donated new, used and repurposed items to bring MFS units up to date. We are applying for grants to make major improvements with the Kitchen/Dining Hall, as well as other buildings.

Thank you for your support, your donations make miracles happen at MFS!

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