Mother – Daughter Volunteers

Mother - Daughter Painting Volunteers

You don’t have to have your picture taken if you volunteer. April, 2019, Ann Wyatt of Baker City declined the photo op but helped with creating an up-to-date inventory of t-shirts and sweatshirts at our gift shop! And that’s not all. The 91-year-old also joined her daughter Jill and painted rooms in one of the dorms.

Ann first came to Malheur Field Station with the Golden Eagle Audubon Society over 20 years ago when she lived in Boise.
“I was hooked,” she says of that visit. “I’ve been back every spring and fall since.”

The trips to volunteer are in addition to birding trips. She has a little more time since giving up competitive race walking when she turned 80. “I still came in first, but that may be because I was the only one in that age category.”

We don’t know if there’s a competition for painters, but she’s a champion in our book. “Thanks to you, I found something I always loved doing, that I can still do at 91–PAINT!” she said. Thank You, Ann and Jill.

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