ARRIVAL:  Check in at the OFFICE and settle up your balance.  If the office is not open when you arrive, please plan to remit asap the next day.  PLEASE VERIFY LODGING ASSIGNMENT BY CHECKING THE BULLETIN BOARD NEXT TO THE ENTRANCE TO MALCOLM HALL.  Occasionally we need to make last minute changes, so do confirm before moving in! A scale model map of the station just inside the door can be used to locate your assigned dwelling.VISA/MC cards are accepted.  We prefer personal checks.

RECYCLING boxes are located in each building along with a post-ed list of recyclable items.  It is vital that guests participate in our recycling program (or take them home).  Plastic No. 1 & 2, paper, foil / NO GLASS. Your actions reduce garbage, keep disposal costs to a minimum, and makes good ecological sense.

DEPARTURE:  A Few Simple Tasks: We request that you leave your lodgings in the same condition as you found them.  Please read and follow the task list prominently posted.  For groups, good housekeeping will assure the return of your cleaning deposit.  Your contribution to general housekeeping is essential in keeping our costs down ensuring that our rates are affordable to the widest range of visitors.  Thank you in advance!

PROBLEMS: Please contact the Office if you encounter any problems.  We want your stay to be as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible

HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY! When birding along roads, remember to pull over safely and use your ‘flashers’.  Non birders often drive very fast on our rural roads.

What to Expect

The MALHEUR FIELD STATION (MFS) is located in the northern section of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, surrounded by a unique and
diverse landscape of shrub-steppe uplands, wetlands, and mountains. Visitors have opportunities to witness a spectacular array of birds, plants, stunning geological features, and incredibly dark night skies (MFS is kept
dark at night).

MARCH – JUNE: Expect rain or snow in April and freezing nights in June. Daytime highs 40 – 65 degrees F in March/April and 60 – 85 degrees F May/June. Highs can approach 100 degrees F during late July or August. Weather changeable in September, by mid October cold spells can be severe. In any season a forty degree temp difference between day and night is not uncommon.

CLOTHING: The secret to staying comfortable in this region is to have multiple layers of clothing.




BEDDING: Beds range from Twin, Double and Queen. You must bring your own full bedding and bath towels/toiletries.

COOKING FACILITIES: Fully equipped kitchens with all basic kitchenware and appliances (microwave, coffee maker, toaster) are provided in two cooking dorms and all kitchenettes and trailers.

MEALS: The MFS Dining Hall is open seasonally for its guests when we have active programs. We offer hot breakfasts, sack lunches and hot dinners. Please inform us if you have special dietary needs and we will try to accommodate. Meal reservations are required prior to arrival.

MFS BOOKSHOP:Our bookshop carries a selection of educational books (children’s, reference, field guides), clothing, gift cards, artwork, sundries and beverages.

EXPLORING: If you choose to leave the paved roads or sidewalks, please use caution due to many foot-hazard (burrows, uneven ground, disused infrastructures).

Visit Us

We are located at 34848 Sodhouse Lane, Princeton, OR about 30 Miles SE of Burns.

Call Us

Our phone number is 541-493-2629. Normal office hours are 8 to 5. If we are out working in the field station please leave a message.

Contact Us

Email us at for a prompt response.

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Malheur Field Station