Alpine Pollinator Ecology 2020

Alpine Pollinator Ecology - CANCELLED -


August 14 – 16, 2020  Instructor and photo by August Jackson. The unique mingling of desert and alpine plant communities makes Steens Mountain a hot spot for insect diversity. In some years, large migrations of butterflies and dragonflies can be observed along the summit ridge. We’ll explore Steens Mountain’s varied habitats, identifying pollinators and their associated plant species with a particular focus on regional bee fauna. More than 300 species of bees are likely to be found on Steens, including more than a dozen bumble bee species. We’ll spend most of our time observing insects in the field, with some time for lecture and specimen observation at the Malheur Field Station.

Location: Meet and lodge at Malheur Field Station, Harney County, Oregon.

Tuition incl. 2 nights shared dorm room: $270 Extra nights or single bedroom: add $30 per night Commuter tuition: $210

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Malheur Field Station