Astronomy / Astro Photography 2020

Instructor:  Robert Browning is an Engineering Group Leader at Intel in Hillsboro. He has been at Intel for 24 years. He has a PhD in Applied Physics from Portland State University and is an avid amateur astrophotographer.

Day 1: Introduction and Overview / Software for Imaging
Day 2: Minimalist Imaging with a DSLR / Survey of Telescopes for Imaging
Day 3: Telescope Mounts and Guiding / Cameras and Imaging Calibration
Day 4: Operating in the Filed / Basic Image Processing

Instructor:  Doug McCarty was the Planetarium Director at Mt Hood Community College for twenty seven years and has taught astronomy at Lewis and Clark College and Portland State University. He lives in Portland.

Astronomy Schedule TBA

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:


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