Birding – Spring 2019

Birding - Spring 2019

May 22 – 27, 2019 – Join Harry Fuller for a chance to see the results of on-going spring migration. Many nesting species will have just returned. Males will be singing and there will be territorial displays.


Arrive at MFS, gather for a meet and greet, introduction and dinner. After dinner enjoy a sunset walk around the MFS looking for owls, nighthawks, et al.

After breakfast we will visit the MNWR headquarters to look for migrants and any vagrants. From there we will bird along Sodhouse Lane, the Narrows and along Hwy 205 north of the refuge. Return to MFS for a sack lunch and presentation in the classroom.

After lunch we will go east on Sodhouse Lane to Princeton, north to Crane and stop at Crystal Crane Hot Springs to observe birds on the pond. We will return to MFS for a home cooked dinner. After dinner we will look for Short-eared Owls along Center Patrol Road.

After breakfast we will head south on Hwy 205, visiting Buena Vista, Krumbo Lake and Benson Pond.

We will enjoy a sack lunch at Krumbo Lake picnic grounds. After lunch we will bird along the road to Diamond, visit Diamond Craters for Rock Wrens and Canyon Wrens, the French Barn and Dry Lake.

We will return to the MFS for dinner, perhaps an evening visit to the refuge headquarters.

We will leave MFS right after breakfast and head south on Hwy 205. We will bird the basalt cliffs along the road, stop at P Ranch and then Page Springs for lunch. After lunch we will continue our search for Bobolink (not in the fall program) or head up into the lower reaches of the Steen Loop. If we can gain access we will also bird Boca Lake. This will depend on Teresa Wick’s availability.

We will return to MFS for dinner.

We will leave after breakfast and bird our way north on Hwy 205 to Hwy 78. Then to Hwy 20 south to Chickahominy Reservoir, stopping at Sage Hen Rest Area for lunch. Back to MFS for dinner.

Breakfast, pack and depart. End of 6 night program!


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