Dorm Upgrades – 2019

Dorm Upgrades

Our Dorms are an integral part of our educational programs having the ability to house up to 30 attendees each. They all needed serious attention and Doug and Rose and various volunteers tackled many of the problems in 2019 with some projects being finished just days before the guests arrived. We were so busy we forgot to take very many “before” pictures but many of our past guests know what we were up against. Here is a slide show of some of things we got done.

upgraded water heaters
Before plumbing was completely replaced
More bad plumbing
removed sinks
plumbing in new sinks
fixing deep plumbing problems
new sheet rock for E dorm showers
E dorm showers done and ready
freshly painted window sills
before paint and repairs
A dorm kitchen
A dorm beds clean and ready to go
A dorm commons
painting at the F dorm
F dorm beds
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