Butterflies of the High Desert

July 12 – 14, 2019 – Dana Ross, M.S. offers a butterfly class at the Malheur Field Station sponsored by the Siskiyou Field Institute.

Harney County, Oregon is known as a butterfly hotspot as well as a migratory bird stop along the Pacific Flyway. We’ll learn both typical and rare species historically seen in southeast Oregon in a classroom session and studying collected specimens. Then we’ll foray to alkaline lakes and hot springs, landscaped areas, bogs and high-elevation sites including Steens Mountain in search of summer butterflies including checkerspots, swallowtails, fritillaries, metalmarks, blues and whites.

Dana Ross, M.S., entomologist, specializes in butterflies and moths. He has studied Oregon insects for over 30 years and currently works in rare butterfly conservation and documents insects at important sites.

Photo credits, Dana Ross

2 thoughts on “Butterflies of the High Desert

  1. Debby DeCarlo

    The Butterflies of the High Desert program was a success. According to Ross, the group observed and identified nearly 50 species during program.

    Ross said, "Saturday, the Steens Mountain Loop produced well and we made it to the summit where I netted a rarely collected Steens Mountain Indra Swallowtail. The local Buckwheat Blues, Two-tailed Swallowtails and Lustrous Coppers were also about. The soon-to-be-abundant fritillaries were just getting started, but we came across 3 species: Zerene, Coronis and Callippe. Sunday we hit the backside - Follyfarm to Fields - where conditions were hotter and drier, but we did locate a plethora of Ruddy Coppers and Melissa Blues at Mann Lake and located and netted hybrid Weidemeyer's/Lorquin's admirals know as 'Friday's Admiral', among other species, in the Pueblos."


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