Reynolds High School 2019

Reynolds High School 2019

The Reynolds HS has been coming to MFS for the past 15 years, missing only 2018 when the station was down due to a water crisis. Tadd Reaney a Reynolds HS science teacher, has spearheaded this four day event for Freshman each year. This year Tadd brought 69 students!

According to Tadd, he says “Our four day journey, with 69 teenagers, consist of staying at the field station in Princeton while studying the Wildlife Refuge, Diamond Craters, the Pete French National Historic Round Barn, The Steens Mountain, and the Alvord Desert – The kids soak up the science, history and literature of these places and absolutely have their minds blown with how much they get to see and do in four days.”

The first thing upon arrival is empty the bus and hike up South Coyote Butte so that the students can get a perspective on their surroundings. Tadd says “the MFS has become a charming second home with great memories, wildlife and a taste of life in the desert.” We couldn’t agree more, and look forward to their return each year!

They arrive in awe and wonder, and depart with hugs and smiles. We are committed here at MFS in inspiring young people for the future.

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