Entomology in the High Desert 2021

Entomology in the High Desert

Sept - TBA - Learn more about the insects of sagebrush country and their importance to the ecosystem. This course will consist of a field trip to observe insects in the field, insect collecting demonstrations, and learning about insect anatomy and ecology in the classroom.

Matt Medeiros (http://www.mattjmedeiros.com/) has been coming to MFS as a student, employee, and biologist since 1995, and has taught Entomology at the high school and college level. He is also an active researcher at UNLV who studies the biodiversity, evolution, and conservation of insects in the Hawaiian Islands.

You will arrive on Tuesday afternoon, September ? and settle into E Dorm, meet and greet Matt and fellow learners. E Dorm is set up for cooking, the cafeteria will not be open.

September ?, first full day will be out in the field, September ?, second full day will be on station. You will depart on  morning of the ?.

The Field Station will be buzzing this time of year with our Members Meeting!

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