Malcom Hall Upgrades

Malcom Hall Renovations 2017 - 2019

In July, 2017, thanks to grants from The Collins Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation, new windows and siding were installed to improve the energy efficiency and aesthetics of our main office and classroom facility. That was just the beginning.

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The load of materials that started it all
Back of Malcom Hall with fresh paint
The main hallway before...
After paint, carpet and new lights
Looking the other way
The lab getting new lighting and ceiling repair
The lab done and ready to use
Entomology class using the lab
Locating water leak
Found and ready to repair
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Mosquito Population
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Geology Field Study

Explore the geology of Harney County. In this three-night program, participants will learn about the Steens Mt. and geothermal activity in South Eastern Oregon desert.

September 23 - 25, 2022

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Malheur Field Station