Septic Problems – 2019

Septic Problems - 2019

It was Peak Season and the septic system for the small trailers was not functioning. People were everywhere, nothing like a real-time test! We brought in two porta potties and had to shuffle people around in different units to keep the ‘flow’ going on station. Our guests were wonderful and patient!

This, of course, is not a new problem but an old one that has not been addressed and fixed until now. It took two men working many days to get it functional and still it has a small leak that we have to look at after the season for small trailers is over.

We will be ready for the 2020 season with Egret, Flicker and Grebe, and possibly Dipper, surely things will flow much more smoothly! 😊

Optimistic start with a snake - worth a try
Lots of digging and filling
Fixing collateral damage
Yuk.... !
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