MFS Facility Improvements

The Malheur Field Station is alive and well and recovering from many years of deferred maintenance. It is a long road ahead, yet we are making progress one day at a time.

As funds are available we are upgrading, replacing, repurposing throughout the station. We have found many reasonable items at Habitat for Humanity. Our donors have generously donated new, used and repurposed items to bring MFS units up to date. We are applying for grants to make major improvements with the Kitchen/Dining Hall, as well as other buildings.

Thank you for your support, your donations make miracles happen at MFS!

Completed Projects

Water Crisis – 2018

Water Crisis - February, 2018 After a heavy storm on February 18, 2018 Harney Electric Coop came out to fix

Dorm Upgrades – 2019

Our Dorms are an integral part of our educational programs having the ability to house up to 30 attendees each.

108 Screens Repaired

This Spring (2019) Stan, a retired electronics engineer from Washington state, volunteered to address the damaged screen problem on the entire Field Station.

Maintenance Yard Cleanup

This project seems to be never ending; we started the cleanup in 2018 and it continues to this day. Getting rid of junk and garbage costs time and money

Malcom Hall Upgrades

In July, 2017, thanks to grants from The Collins Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation, new windows and siding were installed

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We are located at 34848 Sodhouse Lane, Princeton, OR about 30 Miles SE of Burns.

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Our phone number is 541-493-2629. Normal office hours are 8 to 5. If we are out working in the field station please leave a message.

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