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Birding Spring 2021

May 23 - May 28, 2020 - Join Harry Fuller for a chance to see the results of the on-going spring migration.

Birding – Late Spring 2020

June 13 - June 18, 2020 - Join Harry Fuller for a chance to see most of the nesting species of Harney County.

Astronomy / Astro Photography

August 17-21, 2020
Join us under the darkest sky in the US! Learn about Astronomy and Astro-Photography in this 4 day course.

Birding – Fall 2020

Sept. 12 - Sept. 18 - Join Harry Fuller for a full day in the Steens where we will go to the peak at just under 10,000 feet elevation.

Geology 2020

September 23-29, 2020 Ever wonder how the landscape of Harney County came to be?

Birding Malheur & Steens Mountain

September 16-22, 2019. Join Harry Fuller for a week of birding the refuge and Steens Mountain. Fall migration is always interesting in Harney County.

Entomology in the High Desert

Entomology in the High Desert September 10–13, 2019 - Learn more about the insects of sagebrush country and their importance

Birding – Spring 2019

Birding - Spring 2019 May 22 - 27, 2019 - Join Harry Fuller for a chance to see the results

Great Basin Butterfly 2020

July 10-13, 2020 From Steens Mountain to the Alvord Desert, from alpine to meadow to sagebrush steppe, butterflies and moths abound in this hotspot for Northern Great Basin species.

Alpine Pollinator Ecology 2020

August 14 - 16,2020 The unique mingling of desert and alpine plant communities makes Steens Mountain a hotspot for insect diversity.

Great Basin Flora

July 19 - 21, 2019 - Cheryl Beyer, M.S. and Janel Johnson, M.S will lead this field course to investigate the endemics, Sierra relics and Great Basin native plants found at Steens and Hart Mountains' floristic “junctions.”

Butterflies of the High Desert

July 12 – 14, 2019 – Dana Ross, M.S. offers a butterfly class at the Malheur Field Station sponsored by the Siskiyou Field Institute.

Reynolds High School 2019

Tadd Reaney a Reynolds HS science teacher, has spearheaded this four day event for Freshman each year. This year Tadd brought 69 students!

Bat Boxes

Making a bat house is more complicated than one might think. Over the summer, James, using his father's workshop built 24 bat houses! He volunteered his time and his own money to bring this project to fruition.

Steve Arndt – Guest Speaker

Our Thanks to Steve Arndt, one of Oregon’s Ghost Town experts, who volunteered his time to be the Guest Speaker at the MFS Board and Membership meeting on September 14, 2019.

Corvalis Volunteers

In May, 2019 Mark Miller and David Hibbs from Corvallis joined 10 friends for four days of birding and some volunteer work.

108 Screens Repaired

This Spring (2019) Stan, a retired electronics engineer from Washington state, volunteered to address the damaged screen problem on the entire Field Station.

Mother – Daughter Volunteers

April, 2019, Ann Wyatt of Baker City declined the photo op but helped with creating an up-to-date inventory of t-shirts and sweatshirts at our gift shop!

Catlin Gable 2019 Bird Boxes

Catlin Gable junior high students arrived at MFS in March of 2019 ready to build bat boxes. A change in plans routed the students to the shop to rebuild and build bird boxes instead.

Malcom Hall Upgrades

In July, 2017, thanks to grants from The Collins Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation, new windows and siding were installed

Septic Problems – 2019

"Septic problems" is the dreaded phrase country folks least want to hear and we have had our fair share.

Maintenance Yard Cleanup

This project seems to be never ending; we started the cleanup in 2018 and it continues to this day. Getting rid of junk and garbage costs time and money

Laundry Room Building 2019

When we started in on this clean-up and improvement project the laundry room had been delegated as a storage area.

108 Screens Repaired

This Spring (2019) Stan, a retired electronics engineer from Washington state, volunteered to address the damaged screen problem on the entire Field Station.

Dorm Upgrades – 2019

Our Dorms are an integral part of our educational programs having the ability to house up to 30 attendees each.

Water Crisis – 2018

Water Crisis - February, 2018 After a heavy storm on February 18, 2018 Harney Electric Coop came out to fix a down electrical pole.  While

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2019 Annual Members Meeting

2019 Annual Members Meeting September 13-14, 2019. Join us at the MFS for a weekend of fun and appreciation dinner! Last year was a huge

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